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We are a website that provides comprehensive information about roads in Australia with history, photographs, facts, and several other details about these roads.

Emus Crossing a Road in Australia

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The National System

The national system is currently experiencing changes as Tasmania, South Australia, and rural Victoria is replacing their shielded route numbering system, which was used in the past and now using alphanumeric style.

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Australia Capital Territory

This central seat of government where the Australian federal government resides. It was donated in 1930 by the NSW government. It is the only city in the country that was fully planned from the onset, and this shows in its roads which are the best in the country.

New South Wales

This is the most populated state in the country, and it should ideally have a fantastic road system. Unfortunately, that is not the case because the government has been reluctant about spending on freeways projects. The also has a Not In My Back Yard approach to road construction which has led to great traffic in the capital city of Sydney.

The Northern Territory

It is also known as the Top End or Outback State. The roads here are managed by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure, and the government has constructed over 21,700 km of roads within the territory.

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South Australia

The state has changed its shielded route numbering system, which was used in the past into a new alphanumeric style.


The island state is often forgotten when talking about States; perhaps because of its isolation, the Department of Energy, Infrastructure and Resources (DIER) manage most of the important roads in the state. There is not enough documentation on roads in this state due to its isolation. This site is seeking to change that.


Victoria is the most densely populated state in the country, and it has arterials and a fine-grained road network. Its route numbering system combines the old shielded routes with newer alphanumeric routes and their places where it overlaps on the fringes of Melbourne. It also has many bypassed highway alignments and unbuilt freeways, all of which makes it an incredible place for road enthusiasts.

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Western Australia

This is the largest state in the country, and for road enthusiasts, it is a fascinating place to study. The south-western corner is where the majority of its population are, which means that other parts are sparsely populated. It was only in the 1980s that you could even drive from one end of the state to the other on a sealed road. The massive development of mining interests and outback tourism helped the state road network.

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