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The island state is often forgotten when talking about States, perhaps because of its isolation. The Department of Energy, Infrastructure and Resources (DIER) manages most of the important roads in the state. There is not enough documentation on roads in this state due to its isolation. This site is seeking to change that.

Expressway in Tasmania

The use of the word Expressway in this context refers to the collection of partially grade-separated and limited access roads in the state. None of these roads has been designed to the standards of Freeway, but when one considers the traffic volume and speed and the terrain that these routes go through, it is easy to see why a full-scale freeway is not necessary.

In Tasmania, expressways are made up of

Outlets that were planned the Launceston Area Transportation Study of 1968

Outlets that were planned in the Hobart Area Transportation Study of 1965

Rural highways of limited access with a divided carriage.

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The Expressways in Tasmania

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Hobart Northern Outlet (Brooker Highway/Avenue)

This project was started before the Hobart study of 1965, and part of it was being built when the study started. It was constructed between Pre-1961 and 1983 to serve as a replacement for the Midland Highway route between Hobart City and Granton, passing along New Town Road, Main Road, and Elizabeth Street, and through Glenorchy, Berriedale, and New Town. It was later renamed Brooker Highway to honour Edward Booker, the former premier of the state. Today, the entire length is no longer controlled by the state as part of it is controlled by the City of Hobart.

Misty Road

Hobart Southern Outlet (Southern Outlet Highway/Huon Highway)

This road was built between 1968 and 1985. The first part of the project was toward Kingston on the south and then to the west, where it joins the Huon Highway close to Grove. The initial plan was to use it as a replacement for the former Huon Highway, which was winding and steep. It is a six-lane dual carriageway with most of the way being two-lane and a section being four-lane. It is the only Tasmania outlet that retained that name, even if partially.


Hobart Eastern Outlet (Tasman Highway)

This road was built from the late 1970s to the early 1980s as a replacement for the original route between Hobart Airport and Tasman Bridge. It is a dual carriageway all through, only changing to a single one at the entrance of the airport, the point where it joins the original Tasman highway alignment.

Highway Leaving Yellowstone

Bellerive Bypass (South Arm Highway)

It was initially planned to be a freeway, according to the Hobart Area Transportation Study 1965. However, this did not come to be, and it was eventually constructed in the early 1980s, but not up to the planned standards.

Other expressways include

Launceston Southern Outlet (Midland Highway)

East Tamar Outlet (East Tamar Highway)

Bass Highway

Midland Highway


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