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Ozroads is a website that provides comprehensive information about roads in Australia with history, photographs, facts, and several other details about these roads. Get a chance to look into Australia through its roads and be amazed by what you will discover. Every Highway numbered route and Freeway in Australia.

Individuals can also contribute to a website if they have any information about a road, a photograph they would like to share or even correct a mistake they noticed on the site. You can always check the contributions page to get all the information you need about contributions. This site is a hobby website that was created with the simple goal of maintaining and preserving the history of roads in Australia using texts, maps, and photographs.

The creator is a photography hobbyist who enjoys capturing images of roads and signs, among other things. Everything on this site is a product of research, resource permitting, and contributions. There are several people who contributed their works to the site, and their efforts are deeply valued. It is due to them that Ozroads is the fully active website that it is today.

Contributors on the website are credited for their works except in cases where they choose to remain anonymous. For anyone who wants to use a photograph, text or map from the platform, it is important to ask for permission from the Webmaster, who will let you know whether or not you can use the resources. In most cases, the answer will be yes as long as there is no copyright issue.

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Winding Australian Road Near Bega


Contributions are one of the things that have helped the massive growth of this website, given that the goal of the website is to preserve every piece of known record about the roads in the country. It will take more than one person to record every information about a road, capture every road sign, or research on every road. This is essential, and if you have anything about Australian roads that you would like to share, here is the place to try.

While we do everything to make sure every information on this platform is accurate, we understand that there could be an error or something we missed. Thus, we are open to all contributions that will improve this platform and the information and resources on it.

Every contribution regarding Australian roads is acceptable here, and if you want credit for your contributions, we are always happy to do that. Once you send your submission, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Guidelines for photo contributions

If you are submitting photos, we prefer that they are all of the same standards as the ones on the site. But you can also send large photos too. Just make sure each of your email submissions doesn’t exceed 10 MB. Large resolution photos are always better as they are easier to edit.

Make sure you indicate the date of taking the photo, especially the month and year and who took a photograph.

An aerial view of a long road in the Australian Outback. Empty roads during Covid 19.


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